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PAQS (Pakistan Association of Quantity Surveyors) is the first organization of Pakistan's Construction Industry that working in interest of Quantity Surveyors. Quantity Surveying is backbone of construction world. Construction Industry is the second largest industry of Pakistan and Quantity Surveying profession is its base but unfortunately this profession is not considered yet and need lot more attention. So to achieve this aim PAQS is born. The founder president of PAQS, Mr. Syed Hasan Bunyad came with this mission to give this profession a proper recognition and its identity completely.


The PAQS was established as a result of tireless efforts of founder president & founder Members and the day of January 24th 2010, was a remarkable day in construction history of Pakistan, when PAQS was formed for the betterment of the profession which was neglected by all sectors including education and it is a non political and non profit making organization. PAQS is also an excellent starting point and information sources for anyone interested in becoming a quantity surveyor. The association establishes its own working groups to address key industry issue of the day.

Aims & Objective of PAQS

  • To distribute professional and technical knowledge, advice and education on all matters relating to quantity surveying in construction, cost management, administration of projects and in similar branches, fields and activities.
  • To exchange ideas, views, opinions and research relating to quantity surveying and in other fields by holding seminars, surveys, workshops, symposiums ,tele-conferences and using internet and available means of communications.
  • To establish libraries, centres, institutions to achieve the objectives mentioned herein and do all things necessary there for.
  • To bring all the professional Quantity Surveyors of Pakistan, together and to strengthen fraternal relations among them.
  • To collaborate with other professions and organizations in the interest of the construction industry.
  • To promote and advance the professional status of its members and help them in gainful employment of Quantity Surveying.
  • To establish and maintain a high standard of professional competence and integrity by limiting membership to those persons who have passed the examination prescribed by , or acceptable to the Association and who have satisfied the requirements of training, practical knowledge, experience and integrity prescribed by the Association.
  • To promote fellowship and to provide a medium for the interchange of current construction knowledge and other topics of interest to members.
  • The Association shall be run on Non-Profit, Non-Political, Non-Commercial and Non-Religious basis.
  • To receive, accept and manage funds, donations, grants endowments and any other moveable and immoveable property or properties from lawful sources within the country and utilize them for furthering and promoting the aims and objects of the association.
  • To appoint, nominate or authorize any person in connection with the affairs of the association or to sue or defend any suit by or against the association or to present, sign or receive any documents for and on behalf of the association.
  • To do all the necessary lawful acts and things to achieve the objectives mentioned herein. However, the association shall confine its activities only to the aims and objects of the association and the income and property of the association from whatever sources derived shall be applied solely towards the promotion of the objects of the association and no portion thereof shall be paid by way of dividend, profit, bonus to any member/office bearers of the association or otherwise. Violation of this condition will be personal responsibility of the office bearers or members concerned.