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History Of Quantity Surveying:

The Quantity Surveyor emerged in England at the beginning of the nineteenth century, although the firm of Henry Cooper and Sons of reading was established as early 1785. Prior to the first recorded usage of the term "Quantity Surveying" in 1859, the terms "measure" custom Surveyor "Or" Surveyor' were used.

In 1922, the Standard Method of Measurement for building works was first published in the United Kingdom. It provides a uniform basis for measuring building works as well as giving detailed information where necessary, in order to define the exact nature and extent of the work required. The Standard Methods of Measurement applies to both purposed and completed works.

During the 19th century, the industrial Revolution in Britain contributed to a booming building industry. Builders had To Whom It May Concern: prepare bids by measuring the same quintettes from the architect's drawings. Hence, they were duplicating the same activities for each bid. The logical solution was for them to get together and employ one individual to measure the work and detail it in bill of quantities booklet.